What Is IN A Membership Site?

Membership sites are a cool way to build a list and grow an online income, all from the comfort of one location: your website.

Since we tend to work with WordPress a lot on The Blogging With Micheal Show, having a plugin to help handle the technical membership details is definitely better than trying to figure out a script.

For a long time, other marketers have sung the praises of expensive, complex WordPress plugins for membership site management, but it seemed that the lower budget folks were left with those wimpy free plugins that allowed anyone with a working knowledge of Google to access those membership sites without paying for it.

Something had to be done to help the people who are struggling to get that one big membership site under their belt, so they could start earning the income that they have always dreamed of. But it wasn’t until InstaMember that the concerns of you and I were addressed in one solution.

1. It has to be secure…

2. It has to be versatile…

3. It has to be affordable…

InstaMember addresses all of these concerns in one easy to handle package.


See for yourself on the page below what I mean when I tell you that this is your membership site solution!

Why spend hundreds of dollars to set up a membership site when you can use InstaMember?

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Have an amazing day!

Micheal – BloggingWithMicheal.com

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PPS – I will also discuss why buying the PLR White Label Sale along with this WordPress Plugin will give you about 457 different ways to make your investment back!


Cash For Questions

cash for questions-wso insiders

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Cash For Questions is a comprehensive 45 page, step by step guide to profiting from an unexploited social media platform that is set to explode!


If you could discover a site so under the radar that up until now it’s been the preserve of true leaders in their fields along with a VERY FEW lucky underground marketers, all making a killing by simply asking and answering questions the RIGHT WAY, would you jump at the chance to join them?

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Does Your Cellular Provider Send You Checks?

How much do you use your cell phone?

If you could get paid by your cell phone provider, would that interest you?

Well, then, check this out:


A new company is allowing a select group of marketers to build a social
marketing model where we get paid to share the great deal that we are
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you cellular bill is $49 per month for unlimited Voice (domestic US long
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Right now this is a US based opportunity, but in the next year, expect
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To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne

Video Sharp Shooter



This software was designed to work for anyone regardless of their niche or experience level…
Plus, it doesn’t matter if you live in the United States or anywhere else around the world!
So, What Exactly Does Video Sharp Shooter Do?
I’ll explain the entire process and explain why this is such a powerful tool if you want to crush your competition, rank higher in Google and make more money with less effort…
Simply enter one or more keywords into the software and select how many pages deep you want to search. Then click Start.
Video Sharp Shooter will search Google to find all the top ranking Youtube videos. You’ll get valuable data like Google ranking, Youtube ranking, title, description, tags and views.
Now you can instantly discover “hidden” secrets about other marketers who are successfully using video marketing to siphon targeted traffic on auto-pilot from Google.
You’ll be able to gather important information you would never be able to see with a standard keyword research tool.
After analyzing this data you’ll be armed with the intel you need to attack those keywords by creating videos for yourself or your customers that can rank even better!
And if the software doesn’t find any videos for your keywords then there’s a strong possibility that you can create a simple video and get on the first page very easily.
You’ll know at a glance what opportunities are available and exactly how much work is required to get the job done.
So, no matter how you slice and dice it… you can use this software to outrank and outsmart your competition!
Here’s a short video demonstrating the software:

Video Sharp Shooter

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