Rapid Ranker WordPress Plugin

Rapid Ranker WordPress Plugin

Rapid Ranker is a WordPress plugin that can increase your page load speeds by over 500%.

The Simple WordPress Plugin that Turbocharges Your Site’s Speed in Less Than 3 Minutes!

For tSoftware-Mediumhe first time ever Rapid Ranker combines the most advanced web acceleration technologies together in a single, simple to use plugin:

Rapid Ranker integrates all the latest features in terms of performance: deferred loading of images and JavaScript, minification of HTML code, concatenation and minification of CSS and JavaScript files into a single plugin.

And don’t worry if you don’t have the technical background to understand what this plugin does. You don’t have to! While being extremely complete, Rapid Ranker is also very simple to configure even for beginners. Installation and configuration of Rapid Ranker is complete in less than 3 minutes!

By speeding up your website and reducing your pageload times Rapid Ranker will:

  • Boost Rankings – Google has publicly stated that pageload speed is one of their ranking factors.
  • Increase Conversions – Many studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between faster webpages and increased conversions.
  • Reduce Costs – Bandwidth and web servers cost money, by reducing the size and resources required for your web pages Rapid Ranker will reduce your bandwidth costs and allow to downgrade to cheaper hosting plans.

Ordinarily, the Rapid Ranker Developer License costs $197… but because the developer wants to help as many website owners as possible, they’re going to give it to you today for less than the cost of a personal-use license!

You’ll not only be able to install Rapid Ranker on ALL of your own WordPress sites… you’ll be able to install it on your clients’ sites as well – without any restrictions and without paying a single extra penny – ever!

You can even sell your sites with Rapid Ranker pre-installed!
But this special offer is only available for a limited time… so if you want to get the best deal possible on UNLIMITED Rapid Ranker use… you NEED to get your hands on this plugin today!

Get Rapid Ranker Developer License With No Recurring Fees An 85% Discount and Free Lifetime Updates For One Low Price!


VideoTweetPressr WordPress Plugin

VideoTweetPressr Wordpress Plugin

Reprinted with permission from WP Plugin GuideVideo Twitter and Traffic

Traffic Boosting Software Uses Video To Grab Attention & Push Leads To Your Sites, Offers & Promotions!

Use Video On Twitter And Send Highly Targeted Buyer Traffic


We all know that there are three main Social Media sites that marketers focus on.

– Twitter
– Facebook
– Pinterest

We also know that using Video in your marketing is going to increase the attention you receive from your engagement.

Twitter is re-capturing our attention as the growth of this platform is astounding! What’s more key for us as marketers, is the vast growth of business & niche users.

People are not just hanging out on Twitter for fun.

There are 43% Mobile users on Twitter – people love this microblogging platform when they’re on the road …If you haven’t already starting using Twitter we can confirm that it’s a growth platform with 2.1 billion search engine queries every day!

They aren’t just passing the time of day, they are already in a curious state and use the platform to find things to  tweet about, share & BUY! The traffic you send to your sites from your feeds, will be more likely to convert, more of the time.

Building your own Twitter feed can be tedious and time consuming.
Retweeting requires regular focus on your own feed and others …


A new Software Plugin is launching that’s going to help you boost your Authority, retweet and publish – on Autopilot!

VideoTweetPressr is a fresh, unique, never been seen before WordPress tool that’s going to revolutionize the way you use Twitter!

You know that…

Getting traffic to your sites is hard work.
VTPressr will boost your traffic, easily sending highly targeted visitors to your sites, your services and your offers.

To build any type of authority following to develop authority, takes a lot of time.
VTPressr will build your authority site for you on autopilot, just input the preferred sources and off it goes!

Facebook makes automation impossible but social networks are known to be great places to engage.
VTPressr cleverly targets Twitter followers and attracts them by niche and topic, now you can build your authority thread packed with Videos, images & content.

To use Twitter you’d normally need to manually add a comment, sit on your thread, and interact in person with your followers.
VTPressr posts from your WordPress site, no need to login to Twitter.

Adding new unique comments means repeatedly logging on or keeping another tab/app open all day.
VTPressr will add your own unique comments in between your automated Content posts for a completely natural feel.

Twitter gives you the ability to capture prospects attention & drive them to your websites and VideoTweetPressr puts it all on autopilot.

Grab VideoTweetPressr WordPress Plugin Today!


WP Titles Boosts Clickthroughs

Reprinted with permission from WP Plugin GuideWP Plugin Split Tests Titles

And Finds The Best Converting Title For Each Post – Automatically!http://wppluginguide.com/wptitles

This Never-Before-Seen WP Plugin Boosts Your Site’s Clickthroughs By Using The Best, Highest-Converting, Most Attention-Grabbing Headlines!




Here’s how it works:


1. Install WP Titles Plugin on your WordPress site. It works on posts, pages, and custom pages.
2. Add in a few titles to your post.
3. In 48 hours check in to see which headline is performing the best.
4. Use that headline to maximize the amount of traffic you are getting!

In just days from now, your site can become a leading contender (if not the leader) in your niche as your headlines connect with your audience and attract the customers you want.

And Let’s Not Forget An Added Feature Of WP Titles…

WP Titles has an AMAZING Security Feature that will help keep your site safe!

It will automatically encrypt and hide your site’s source code. That way, you will never become exposed to the prying eyes of hackers that visit your site.  Your WP plug-ins will be hidden. They will not see if you have penetrable themes. You can feel safe and sound knowing that WP Titles has got you covered and is keeping your site secure.

WP Titles gives you the power to attract more customers, dominate your market, and make more sales. Grab it today before the counter hits zero!


Covert Conversation

Reprinted with permission from WP Plug GuideAdd Skype To Your Blog

Harness The Incredible Power of Skype With A Simple WordPress Plugin

And Instantly Transform Your Blogs Into Irresistible Click Magnets

Blogging and specifically WordPress blogs are one of the most effective ways to generate free traffic these days and WordPress is a great free platform with a myriad of cool 3rd party plugins and themes…

More importantly Google LOVES WordPress blogs and with very little effort you can easily rank high and get loads of traffic to your blogs.

But it can be very hard to convert all that great Google traffic into actual leads and sales.

You just need a fresh approach
Something your visitors haven’t seen before…http://wppluginguide.com/covertconversation

Covert Conversation is a super simple to use WordPress plugin and it only takes one click install! That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

You Can Have Your Very Own Profit Pulling Skype Ads Up & Running In Just 5 Minutes From Right NOW!


And you can have up to 5 different ads running on your blog at any given time and the plugin will automatically rotate between all of them!

Do you think people will click on these ads?

You bet they will – in fact our tests have proven that Covert Conversation generates more clicks & better conversions than all other ad forms combined!

There are 3 simple and very good reasons for this…

  • It’s a pattern interrupt – something people are not expecting and have not seen before. They will notice your Skype ads.
  • People associate Skype with happy things like talking to family and friends. These emotions carry over and makes them want to click your ads.
  • And in a time where we are all bombarded with emails and other impersonal types of communication – people love to receive calls and talk to real people.

You get…

  • Full Video Tutorials: showing you how to install the plugin. Plus walking you through all the technical stuff you need to know in order to run profitable Skype ads.
  • Easy To Follow Set Up Wizard: with bite sized steps and handy tutorial videos ready to help you when and where you need them.

There are so many ways to use Covert Conversation. You can benefit from using it no matter what niche you are in!